Discord.Net will log all of its events/exceptions using a built-in LogManager. This LogManager can be accessed through DiscordClient.Log


To handle Log Messages through Discord.Net’s Logger, you must hook into the Log.Message<LogMessageEventArgs> Event.

The LogManager does not provide a string-based result for the message, you must put your own message format together using the data provided through LogMessageEventArgs See the Example for a snippet of logging.

Logging Your Own Data

The LogManager included in Discord.Net can also be used to log your own messages.

You can use DiscordClient.Log.Log(LogSeverity, Source, Message, Exception), or one of the shortcut helpers, to log data.

Example: .. code-block:: c#

_client.MessageReceived += async (s, e) {
// Log a new Message with Severity Info, Sourced from ‘MessageReceived’, with the Message Contents. _client.Log.Info(“MessageReceived”, e.Message.Text, null);



class Program
    private static DiscordBotClient _client;
    static void Main(string[] args)
        var client = new DiscordClient(x =>
      LogLevel = LogSeverity.Info

        _client.Log.Message += (s, e) => Console.WriteLine($"[{e.Severity}] {e.Source}: {e.Message}");

        client.ExecuteAndWait(async () =>
            await client.Connect("discordtest@email.com", "Password123");
            if (!client.Servers.Any())
                await client.AcceptInvite("aaabbbcccdddeee");