There are two types of permissions: Channel Permissions and Server Permissions.

Permission Overrides

Channel Permissions are expressed using an enum, PermValue.

The three states are fairly straightforward -

PermValue.Allow: Allow the user to perform a permission. PermValue.Deny: Deny the user to perform a permission. PermValue.Inherit: The user will inherit the permission from its role.

Channel Permissions

Channel Permissions are controlled using a set of flags:

Flag Type Description
AttachFiles Text Send files to a channel.
Connect Voice Connect to a voice channel.
CreateInstantInvite General Create an invite to the channel.
DeafenMembers Voice Prevent users of a voice channel from hearing other users (server-wide).
EmbedLinks Text Create embedded links.
ManageChannel General Manage a channel.
ManageMessages Text Remove messages in a channel.
ManagePermissions General Manage the permissions of a channel.
MentionEveryone Text Use @everyone in a channel.
MoveMembers Voice Move members around in voice channels.
MuteMembers Voice Mute users of a voice channel (server-wide).
ReadMessageHistory Text Read the chat history of a voice channel.
ReadMessages Text Read any messages in a text channel; exposes the text channel to users.
SendMessages Text Send messages in a text channel.
SendTTSMessages Text Send TTS messages in a text channel.
Speak Voice Speak in a voice channel.
UseVoiceActivation Voice Use Voice Activation in a text channel (for large channels where PTT is preferred)

Each flag is a PermValue; see the section above.

Setting Channel Permissions

To set channel permissions, create a new ChannelPermissionOverrides, and specify the flags/values that you want to override.

Then, update the user, by doing Channel.AddPermissionsRule(_user, _overwrites);


Accessing/modifying permissions for roles is done the same way as user permissions, just using the overload for a Role. See above sections.

Server Permissions

Server Permissions can be viewed with User.ServerPermissions, but at the time of this writing cannot be set.

A user’s server permissions also contain the default values for it’s channel permissions, so the channel permissions listed above are also valid flags for Server Permissions. There are also a few extra Server Permissions:

Flag Type Description
BanMembers Server Ban users from the server.
KickMembers Server Kick users from the server. They can still rejoin.
ManageRoles Server Manage roles on the server, and their permissions.
ManageChannels Server Manage channels that exist on the server (add, remove them)
ManageServer Server Manage the server settings.


// Find a User's Channel Permissions
var UserPerms = _channel.GetPermissionsRule(_user);

// Set a User's Channel Permissions

var NewOverwrites = new ChannelPermissionOverrides(sendMessages: PermValue.Deny);
await channel.AddPermissionsRule(_user, NewOverwrites);